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Welcome to our web site

DELKEN Automation is a small business with 40 years of experience in the mechanical engineering industry. The company got its start in the design and construction of specialized transfer systems of various kinds and then decided to diversify their product range by entering into the equipment sector of conventional CNC machine tools. Thus began the company's production of CNC rotary tables and soon it had considerable success allowing a rapid expansion of the range both in size and type. The development process is constantly adapting to the standards of CNC machine tools but responds primarily to the process needs of the specific applied fields. The company keeps its creativity vein intact by offering dedicated and unique products. Over the years, the company has added overhauling traditional and CNC machining tools (milling machines, grinding machines, special systems, etc.) to its normal production of specialized equipment and machinery, thanks to the company's long experience in the field.

Today, DELKEN is established both nationally and internationally, with an enviable product range and a productive and organizational capacity that allows it to offer the market a global service that integrates mechanical design, construction of specialized equipment and accessories, overhaul and installation of machine tools and technical consulting.


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Special machine tools

Custom design and construction. Contact our technical department.

NC Rotary tables

Catalog and custom production. Surf the website, or download the catalog.


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Tavola di tornitura e fresatura dia. 4000 mm equipaggiata con due motori Siemens da 50...